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05 January 2006 @ 12:32 pm
New Patch Glitches  
Ok, I understand there is a lot of glitches to a new patch, especially one of this size. But, I tell ya, this one is nothing short of wierd.

First thing, tuesday night, I log on, one of my bags is missing. This upsets me because it is the bag that holds all my mining supplies...and I was unable to do any mining that night. I figured, fine, it is probably a glitch, it will be ok by the end of the week.
Wednesday night the bag was back, but half of my quest items that I had completed and was ready to turn in were missing....DUDE!!!!
ALSO, when I got really bad on my armor (red down to the weapon...zombies, got to love them)...it showed a bow, not a sword! Palti doesnt know how to use a bow and does not own one! lol...and when I died, found my body, and resurrected, I had resurrection sickness for 5 minutes...dont remember that being new on the patch.
Thought that was only if I resurrected with the angel?!?!

Oh well, Palti is just inches away from being level 29...then it is buckling down and getting her to 30 so I can go on my quest to get my felsteed...TOTAL EXCITEMENT!!!!!! :D

Be well all
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this should be an interesting adventure: arowynnthethinwhtduke on January 5th, 2006 08:01 pm (UTC)
hopefully your quest items reappeared at some point.... if not, asap report this to a GM.

i've had several image issues and more. what i did, was go into the WoW folder and delete your WTF, WDB, and Interface folders. (don't worry, when you start the game back up, they will be recreated.) thus far, seems to be working. what isn't working is titan panel, or anything else i'd installed for custom UI's.

oh, and i sent you all that armor i was going to make you the other night. once i can get some money together, i'll get some stuff to make you a soul shard bag. just need some ichor of undeath to make it.

yeah... i'm stoked about goldfish these days. she's about to hit 37, but i've already bought my mechanostrider. (in red, of course) now i just need to hit level 40 so i can go get my riding lessons and use it :)